The beginnings of The Southside Girl….

To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself.”
Anne Rice

I have been sitting staring (okay glaring) at this empty word document for near enough a week now and have come to realise several things;

  • My head really is full of complete and utter rubbish.
  • No pixies, fairies or elves will come out and write this for me.
  • I worry too much about what other people think.
  • Cheese sauce made in a blender really isn’t that nice (this has nothing to do with the blog, more just a general note)

So, I have decided that the best place to start is, of course, with introductions.

I’m a (newly) 26 year old, married mummy of two little boys, Aiden who is nearly 5 and Logan who is 3. We live in your classic two up, two down in the southside of Glasgow. My husband works long, looooong hours and so I am on my own with my boys for the majority of the time, which i love, but which also drives me insane on a daily basis (think talking-to-yourself, knowing all the words of every cartoon, constantly breaking up fights insane!)

Six years ago, i was a typical university-going, funky dancing social butterfly with 18 months of an English degree under my belt. Now, i am attempting to find my way in the world, to do something i love and to make my gorgeous little family proud of me.

There are 6 things in this world that make me the happiest; my beautiful children, my incredible husband, food, books, make up and my ridiculous chats with my amazing best friend. My intentions with this blog? To share all of the things that make me happy, with all of you. I want this blog to be a mixture of things to do both at home and in the local area with your children, book and beauty reviews to enjoy in your “mummy time”, ideas for “date night” (which i’m hoping will mean i actually have one once in a while) my daily ramblings and moanings  (mainly about my husband;) ) along with more serious features including coping with PND and miscarriage.

If you’re after a wee natter, all of my getting in touch information is on my contacts page 🙂

Oh, and here’s a few wee pics of us, for you. I know, we’re a handsome bunch 😉

On our wedding day :)

On our wedding day 🙂

The three men in my life

The three men in my life

Aiden and Mummy

Aiden and Mummy

My boys <3

My boys ❤

So get a cuppa and pull up a pew…Let the games begin.

The Southside Girl x


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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