Happy 5th Birthday Aiden!

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.

– Dr Seuss

Well, yesterday was my little boy Aiden’s 5th Birthday.

Five. That’s 1826 days; 43,824 hours; 2,629,440 minutes…you get the jist.

In my eyes, he’s still my baby. I know it’s an old cliché, but it really does feel like yesterday that this tiny gorgeous baby boy, with a mass of black hair, was placed in my arms and my whole world changed in an instant.

Aiden James

Aiden James

I knew in that moment. I knew it as soon as i looked at his amazing little face for the first time. I knew it when I cuddled him so close that i could feel his heart beat against my chest. I knew it from the first moment he opened his eyes and looked directly at me, as if he knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling.

I knew.

I was always meant to be a mum. It might not have been the perfect time, or the perfect situation. But it was perfect for me. He was, and of course still is, absolutely perfect, in every single way. He changed my life wholly and completely.

Five years on, he amazes me daily. He is incredibly clever. He loves books and loves to learn. He loves football and dancing and One Direction. He is, of course, just bloody amazing in every single way! (apart from when he’s moaning/ whingeing/ fighting/ arguing/ wrestling his brother etc… I’m not such a big fan of him in those situations)

So, having got all that soppiness out of my system (as always, i am an emotional wreck!) I thought I’d share some pictures of Aiden’s 5th birthday party. We just had a wee “tea” in the house, with Aiden’s friends and family. It was a brilliant day, i think the best birthday yet!

Here’s to many more happy birthdays, more laughter, more fun and more pass the parcel! Happy Birthday Aiden! 🙂

Aiden and Logan on their way to Aiden's nursery party

Aiden and Logan on their way to Aiden’s nursery party

present time!

Presnt time!

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

The boys :)

The boys 🙂

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

Cake time!

Cake time!

The Southside Girl x

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