The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Film Review

Thanks to the lovely people at BritMums, I heard about the viewing of Disney‘s new film, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green“, which hits screens Nationwide on April 5th, and decided to take Aiden along for a bit of Sunday morning mummy/son bonding time.

This film is directed by Peter Hedges, the man behind “About a Boy” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and is also starring Jennifer Garner (love her!) and so I had high hopes!

Without giving too much away, this story is based around Jim and Cindy Green, who at the beginning of the film are seen receiving bad news from a fertility doctor. As a way of dealing with their devastation and heartbreak, they write out a list of traits and achievements their child, if they were to have one, would have. They then bury this box in the garden. After a freak storm during the night, the Green’s wake up to discover a young boy, Timothy, in their house. He is covered head to toe in mud, has leaves growing from his ankles and is calling Cindy and Jim, Mum and Dad. The film then plays out showing the trials and tribulations of parenthood, and how Timothy teaches them more about life and love than they could ever have imagined.

Out nationwide April 5th

Out nationwide April 5th

Whilst watching this film, the main thing that stood out to me was how beautifully the film had been shot. The colours, the scene set up, the wide shots of the landscapes were all beautifully captured, and maybe slightly distracting from the actual story going on it the film.

The main theme in this film is based on adoption and the Green’s fight to become parents. It is, if I’m honest, a slightly odd film. I found it very oddly paced and felt there was no real depth to the characters. Aiden (who’s 5) was laughing out loud at parts but became really unsettled and, dare I say, bored, about 45 minutes in.

It is a very sweet film, with a lovely message. However, I felt it was missing that typical Disney fantasy and wonder element, that gets kids hooked. This is made even stranger by the fact the story is about a boy who has leaves growing out of his ankles!

There was just no magic.

For a feel good, quirky, simple family film on a Sunday afternoon, I would say go ahead and enjoy. But don’t pay to watch it in the cinema. Wait until it’s on television. Sorry!

p.s i did still cry and the ending… I’m clearly a complete emotional sap!

You can watch the trailer here:

The Southside Girl xx


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