Play Talk Read!

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

– Fred Rogers

First of all, Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a lovely family filled and chocolate laden day!

Ridiculous amount of chocolate tweedledum and tweedledee got for Easter! Thanks everyone!

Now….The Easter holidays.

Those dreaded two weeks where every waking moment is spent attempting to keep the little ones entertained – or at least less bored than usual. Most of the time I’d happily settle with anything that keeps the boys from re-enacting every fighting scene from Power Rangers!

This time, however, I am going to try something different. I was wanting to try something that would both keep the boys entertained and would also help me out on the blogging front.

Play. Talk. Read.

Play, Talk, Read is a campaign ran by the Scottish Government, which focuses on the early years of children’s lives and encourages parents to play, talk and read more often with their children. The national drive includes a one-stop website ( which offers free information and activities to stimulate your children from a young age.

In my opinion, the website is fantastic! My little boy Aiden loves going on this and clicking through the reading games. He has already started to pick up words which is really a testament to how great the resources are!

Now, whilst browsing the site earlier I came across a list; 30 Things to do Before You’re 3. Now, both my boys are older than 3, but i love a list. I love a list even more if it is actually telling me what to do!

Our aim this Easter holiday is to get through two lists; the basic “3o things to do before you’re 3” and also the monthly favourite “30 Wild things to do before you’re 3.” I am also going to attempt to start video blogging (god help the internet!) and am hoping to capture everything as it is done!

So, I will be posting a blog every day for the next two weeks… feel free to join in on the fun (or, as is more than likely, the madness!)

The lists can be found here:

30 Wild Things to do Before You’re 3

30 Things to do Before You’re 3

The Southside Girl x


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