The world through the eyes of a 5 year old….

055This is A – my beautiful if  slightly insane 5 year old. The apple of my eye – the jam to my piece – the fish to my chips. You get the picture.  (Before you think i’m having a major dose of favouritism, Logie is the salt to my vinegar – the cheese to my macaroni – the gravy to my chicken.)

I have moments where I sometimes forget A is only 5. He loves learning and is obsessed with documentaries. He scarred himself for life when he saw the opening credits of One Born Every Minute – but at least that’s an awkward conversation already done! He is obsessed with the FBI and loves learning everything he can about them (although I have had to stop the whole obsession he had with Criminal Minds which resulted in him naming all his Playmobil policemen after characters from the show…whoops) I do find myself having fully blown serious conversations with him sometimes – our most recent was a debate on why I think he should learn French – his response was that he’d rather learn Spanish because he doesn’t really like french toast but he loves La Tasca.

Don’t get me wrong – he is a typical boy. He is football obsessed, loves being outside and anything that involves climbing/mess. But there is a much more serious side to him. He just loves to talk and have long conversations. I love this even more because he has spent the past year in speech therapy for a really bad stutter – which, thankfully has all but gone!

Last night, as we are getting to the end of the Easter holidays, I let A stay up later than usual. I love time where it is just the two of us mainly because it doesn’t happen very often. And he loves his “mummy and A” time . So our conversation last night? The wonders of the Universe…obviously.


Mummy, do you know how I think the world got here? Well, a rescue helicopter, a submarine, a space ship and a plane threw down these massive ropes and tied them on and then carried the world and that’s how it got here. Like in Fireman Sam.

See aliens? They live on Planet “Satinin” and they eat pants and stuff. Do you think they poo?

How did all the stars get in the sky mummy? Was it really windy one day and the trees did this (insert over excited waving of arms  and body shake) and then all these stars fell out, but because it was windy, they all just blew up to the sky?

Heaven? Does everyone have the cold in Heaven? It’s really high up isn’t it?  Is Heaven where Justin Bieber lives? (god, I hope not.)


He then spent the next 10 minutes performing his own rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”… if i hear him say ‘swag’ ever again he is grounded for the rest of his life.

Oh to have the innocence of a 5 year old. How amazing the world must seem.



The Southside Girl x


9 thoughts on “The world through the eyes of a 5 year old….

  1. This is the reason we have children, they open your eyes, ears and mind to all the wonder of the world. You forget there is any possible way you could know all the answers and start to look again at the world around you. For example while on a night out recently we were walking between one club and another and went under a bridge, without thinking I shouted “Echo” at the top of my voice, just as i would have been doing if I had my daughter. All my friends burst out laughing and then we stood for a good few minutes doing it and they all agreed life with kids makes you more fun.

  2. It’s brilliant to have a child who is interested and vocal about the world around him. I have the seven-year-old version, and while he drives me nuts with the constant stream of consciousness, sometimes I do stop to listen and am enthralled. He’s more a JLS guy than a Belieber, though…

  3. What a great post! Your little boy sounds very bright and lots of fun. As much as I enjoyed the baby stage it is nice now Little Mr A has started school, he is so much more interested in everything around him and some of the conversations we have are interesting to say the least!

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