This blog needs YOU!


When I started this blog, I had no idea there would be any interest in it. At all. It was more a way of me getting the old brain working again and going back to doing something I loved.

All through school I wanted to be a journalist – a foreign correspondent if we’re being precise! I got the grades and went to university to study English. Two years in and I found out I was expecting our little “holiday surprise” baby so it was a case of both P and I getting ‘proper’ jobs to provide for our family. But the ambition and love for writing has never left. It just ended up buried inside my brain under all the nappy/puree carrot/maternity bra chat.

I’ve loved writing again, coming up with ideas for what to write about and getting my whole family involved (although my husband has got slightly obsessed over stats!)

However, the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done is to share this blog on Facebook. Having people you actually know and see on a regular basis, read your writing and judge you on it – well it’s a whole different ball game. I’ve been lucky though, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and what I don’t think people realise is just how much it means to me.

I’ve never been one for handling criticism well – I usually cry or throw a strop and spit my dummy out. I’m a stubborn old cow. But when it comes to this blog, any feedback is hugely appreciated – and I’m asking for it now.

This blog doesn’t fit into a specific niche. It covers whatever I feel like on the day whether it be a beauty review, rants about my husband, laughs about my boys, charity awareness etc. What I would like to know is, what would you like to read more about? It can be something I’ve done before, or something completely new. Please, feel free to leave a comment under this blog, as a comment on Facebook or on twitter. It would really help me out!

Thank you – you bunch of gorgeous folk. Apart from you Dad. You passed gorgeous about 20 years ago… 😉

The Southside Girl x


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