The 10 Year Plan….


A couple of months ago, i found my first ever laptop(circa 2005) amongst my ever increasing pile of 8 year old bank statements and old digital picture frames. I made the ridiculous decision to charge it up, and the result was 3 hours of hysterical laughter, embarrassment and questions as to why my husband ever married me. Really.

One of the files was my “10 year plan”, written in 2005. I have no idea why I feel the need to emphasise the fact i have a non existent professional life and embarrass myself further by putting this up here – but clearly my mind works in mysterious ways – so here it is in all its unedited glory (obviously with my added comments to attempt to defend myself haha) …

My 10 Year Plan

2006 – Age 19 – Change course and university. You hate the one you’re doing! The highlight of my university life was the people I met – and discovering 99p a drink Tuesdays. Plus, I have the attention span of a gnat.

2007 – Age 20 – Get a job working abroad and think about moving out. Because clearly I thought I could magic money out my arse.

2008 – Age 21 – Have a massive party and work abroad again for the Summer. I have no idea what the fascination is with summer working holidays. I would never have handled an Ayia Napa or Magaluf working holiday – no matter how much I told myself I could have.

2009 – Age 22 – Get a work experience placement or internship to gain more experience. Finally – the girl makes sense.

2010 – Age 23 – Try and get a teaching post abroad with a charity. Again, written down, this looks like a smart move. However, I know i probably would have been thinking sunshine and cheap vodka. Sigh.

2011 – Age 24 – Graduate and teach English as a foreign language in South Korea. I have no idea why South Korea was where I decided on. Of all the countries in the world….Typical me. Could have been worse right enough – could have been bunking up with old Kim Jong-un.

2012 – Age 25 – Start my Post Graduate courseI was hoping to study teaching secondary school English – but since having children i have realised I probably would have had a mental breakdown within the first 2 weeks.

2013 – Age 26 – Start full time jobIn this country? In this recession? Not a chance.

2014 – Age 27 – Move away from Glasgow – Australia was always the aim. Oh to have sunshine. I probably would have settled for the Mediterranean somewhere. Now, I’d be happy with Motherwell.

2015 – Age 28 – Maybe get married, but NOT to Paul ‘the idiot’ – Yup. I wrote that exact phrase. Of course, I married Paul – who takes their own advice anyways? 😉

2016 – Age 29 – Babies? Don’t think they’re for me but you never know!Yeah…..

Now, I have managed to complete one of these points. Babies. The one i wasn’t even sure about and which wasn’t to even be considered for another 3 years – 9 years after Aiden was born. I had children young – maybe slightly too young – but it is something i would never change because it’s made me a much better, less selfish person (well, in my opinion anyway!)

Sometimes plans don’t work out. Particularly when it comes to life. But then, life wouldn’t be the same if it was already all marked out for us, would it? Yes, at times I am disappointed – but not because I didn’t succeed in a life I thought I wanted. It is simply that I am terrified that I have disappointed everyone else. But I live with that, i deal with that, and then I look at my boys and can’t even consider a life without them. So, my professional life didn’t exactly work out as planned – but I have an incredible husband, two healthy if slightly insane children, a great family and family-in-law, and an amazing group of girls around me I’m lucky enough to call my friends. That’s not too shabby. So, with that in mind, here is my updated “10 Year Plan” –

2013 – 2023  Be as happy as I can possibly be *

*and actually have money in my savings account!

Sounds good to me.

The Southside Girl x


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