An Introduction to the Mr…

Don’t get me wrong. I really do love that old husband of mine. I’ve landed pretty lucky with the grump that I’ve got. He chauffeurs me about. He works ridiculously hard to provide for our family. He makes me laugh hysterically (usually at him, not with him) and he’s a daddy in a million to our boys.

Obviously I love him, but sometimes I really don’t like him. He drives me insane with his wee quirks and habits. And being the loving, thoughtful, dutiful wife that I am – obviously I’m going to list those bad habits here for all to see! So this is him, introducing my Mr P, warts and all….

– He leaves coppers lying everywhere. The bathroom window ledge. The dresser in the bedroom. The kitchen worktops. If I find another 2p on a random surface I will lose the will to live.
– He doesn’t understand privacy. He will quite happily go to the toilet and leave the door wide open. So he can chat. Lovely.
– He refuses to eat any vegetables, at all. The closest we’ve gotten is cauliflower pakora. That was a milestone. He counts chips as vegetables. Says it all.
– He mumbles. I rarely understand a word he’s saying.
– He turns into a sweary teenager when playing a ridiculous football game on the computer. Of course, he doesn’t mumble then.
– When he leaves a pot to steep in the sink, he will never EVER go back and finish washing said pot.
– The only things he will happily watch on the television is football, football highlights, football results, and the sports news which he turns off once the football part has finished.
– He hangs his massive heavy work jacket over the back of my dining room chairs. Then moans when the chair tips over. That drives me mental.
– He finds it hysterical to wait until you’ve done your full makeup…then comes up and licks your face.
– He’s the one who introduced the boys to wrestling. I’ll forever hate him for that one! 


*Disclaimer – The husband is an all round good guy. These bad habits do not reflect his character as a whole. Maybe.

The Southside Girl x


2 thoughts on “An Introduction to the Mr…

  1. My hubby leaves all his coppers lying around too!! Arrgghh drives me crazy! I even bought a little lovely dish for him to put all his nonsense in and he leaves it all NEXT to it on the counter instead of in it!!! Cut from the same cloth obviously, but what would we do without them?! 😉 x

  2. Why do they do it?!?! It really is the most irritating thing ever but he doesnt see the problem at all, which makes me even more irritated! lol. Men. Without mine… I would have full control of the TV and take full advantage of starfishing the bed 😉 haha x

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