What’s in my handbag – mummy style!

Recently, I’ve been attempting to make my way through the backlog of blogs I’ve come across but haven’t managed to properly read. Today was a great day for my catch up and I found some blogs I love!

One of my favourites was a blog by Littlemisssdc which is just fab and, in particular, her post What’s in your bag?

Now, i waste a ridiculous amount of time on Youtube watching all the beauty vloggers videos of their gigantic designer handbags, filled to the brim with high-end make up, designer sunglasses, Ipads and the like.

My handbag really isn’t like that. Really, really not.

I go for handbags the size of  small trailers – at least big enough for the kitchen sink, obviously! Wipeable is a must as my boys have a tendency to spill stuff constantly at, on or near me (water, juice, melted chocolate, playdough, slime…) I’m not one for compartments as I usually have at least one ridiculously large toy that Logan has decided to bring along with him, only to decide 5 minutes later that he hates it.

For some reason I always have my make-up bag with me, which is laughable because there is not a hope in hell I’d ever have the chance/time/energy to reapply my rushed, beat-the-zombie-mum-look make up. Luckily, I’m passed the changing bag stage now and no longer have to carry nappies/cream/nappysacks with me everywhere I go… unfortunately these have been replaced by a ridiculous amount of crap. As you will see.

You might want to take note (and be warned) that I haven’t even checked what is in my handbag just now. So this could be embarrassingly mortifying. But hey ho, all in the name of blogging i suppose.

So here it is, in all it’s glory. My handbag – mummy style.


Excuse the absolutely disgusting brush. My mum will be completely mortified.  Sorry Mum.


The contents of my ridiculous handbag are:

1. Make up bag full to the brim of mostly lip glosses/stains. I never use them. And 1 disgusting hair brush. Note to self – buy a new one. This one is beyond saving.

2. One fluorescent pink purse – bright colour makes it easy to find in overly messy handbag.

3. A bottle of Cutex Nourishing nail varnish remover, two L’Oreal Colour Riche nail varnishes and a Boots mini firm hold hair spray. Because you just never know!

4. Three snack packs from my latest Graze box. Aiden loves these. I hide them in my bag so he can’t get them. Whoops.

5. Two inhalers – because I have the breathing ability of a 90 year old 60-a-day smoker. Lovely.

6.  Marc Jacobs Daisy Summer perfume – love this. The boys, however, loved the lid and it is currently being used as part of their police headquarters game thing.

7. One Woody toy, a Lego board, a mini car from Cars and a water gun. No explanation.

8.  One packet of baby wipes. I have extremely sticky children.

9. Two odd socks and two pairs of the boys pants. The odd socks seem to collect in whichever handbag I’m using. I have absolutely no idea how it happens!

10. My Kindle Fire – this is the best thing in the world. Ever. Shame the battery lasts all of 10 minutes!

11. A notebook, a pen and a pack of highlighters. The boys were getting their haircuts today – distractions needed.

12. Lovefilm membership renewal reminder thing. Don’t think that will be getting used! And my Birdsong ticket from a few weeks ago (must start clearing out handbag!)

13. The boys record books for the health visitor. Was double checking the MMR situation and realised Logan’s wasn’t noted in his book. Enter me, overly dramatic mummy thinking I hadn’t taken him for his jag and he was now going to get the measles. Turns out, I’d just forgotten to take his book to that appointment. Exit scatty mummy.

What do you keep in your handbag? Everything including the kitchen sink? Or are you more organised? (please, teach me!)

Remember and check out Littlemisssdc’s blog and her “What’s in your bag” post here

The Southside Girl x


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