Hello again, Sunshine!

Yay for the sun!! Vitamin D is extremely welcome.. and a wee bit of a tan wouldn’t go a miss either! Although some people do take it too far. It was a lovely day today – which meant coping with old men with no tops and beer bellies out and alot of legs that haven’t seen the sun (or a razor!!) for a good few months. All this, and I don’t think it was any warmer that 13 degrees. Us Scots eh?

After suffering from major sugar withdrawl for the past few days – I’ve went cold turkey from my 2litre a day Coca Cola addiction courtesy of the Slimming World plan – today was the first day ive felt semi normal and ready to take on the world. Well, maybe not the world, but I did brush my hair and put make up on which was a relief to everyone who saw me.

The sun was shining so we decided to head to Rouken Glen Park which is only about a 10 minute drive away from our house. It was a gorgeous day, and after a good few hours spent in the playpark and walking around, we all came home exhausted, slightly sunburnt (bloody Scottish skin) and absolutely disgustingly dirty.



This is the first day I’ve been tempted whilst on my diet. The hubby and the boys enjoyed their Mr Whippy ice creams…but I surprised myself and was a complete angel – makes a nice change….


On the way home, Logan got it into his head that the portaloo next to the playpark was in fact Dr Who’s tardis….and was determined he was going to meet Dr Who. Lots of arguing and screaming later,  I had to open said portaloo to prove it wasnt a tardis. Note – portaloo’s are absolutely minging.


On another note, the diet is going really well! I’ve been sticking to well within my syns, drinking absolutely loads of water and have cut out Coke completely (hence the sugar crash 😉 ) My skin is already looking a million times better, so looking forward to weigh in on Thursday and on Friday I’ll be able to update on my weight loss and my favourite meals and recipes from the week. If I don’t lose any – Im suing. I’ve spent more time peeing this week than I thought was possible!

Also, Happy 26th Birthday to the most mental friend and best auntie in the world…. Auntie Yaz! The countdown to 30 is on! 🙂


Hope everyone else has been enjoying the sun, fingers crossed it lasts more than a day!

The Southside Girl x


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