Cheeky Harry and Friends – Book Review


The other day, we were lucky enough to receive a new copy of the book “Cheeky Harry Loves…” from Cheeky Harry and Friends. The book, written by Laura Payne and Illustrated by Ian King, is aimed at pre-school children and is the story of a young lion, Harry, explaining all the things he loves from playing to dancing. It is a fairly straight forward preschool book full of vibrant illustrations.


Aiden, who is 5, wasn’t really taken with this book. He is at that in between age where he is too old for simple, several sentence books (he prefers Harry Potter or dinosaur books) but is still too young to read them himself. I think perhaps when he starts school in August, this book will be great at introducing him to reading.

Logan, who is 3, was taken with the book straight away. Anything with animals in, especially lions or monkeys, is a definite winner in his eyes. The colours caught his attention straight away as did the rhyming sentences, and so it has been his bedtime story of choice since we got it. So much so, I now know the entire book off by heart!


A great plus for me is that this book is made with thick, wipeable glossy paper. Win! Anything wipeable immediately goes up to the top of the list with me – especially as my children are constantly sticky and/or covered in food of some sort.

Overall, even though the camp was split, I definitely think this is a lovely little book that I’d definitely recommend for younger children. It retails at £5.99 and you can visit the Cheeky Harry and Friends website here.


The Southside Girl x

*Disclaimer – we were sent a copy of this book for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my/our own.


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