Fat Fighting Friday – Week 1 meal ideas and recipes

Over the past week I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at pictures of what other people are eating. I think I might have an obsession….or I’m just a nosey cow (probably the latter.)

Anyway, here are some meal ideas and recipes of things I’ve had this week…


019Free on Extra Easy if using bread and cheese as healthy extras

I’ve never been a big breakfast person. I don’t particularly like cooked breakfasts and have always struggled to fit breakfast in as every morning in my house is a chaotic shambles just to get out the door. The big difference I’ve made this week is to have breakfast every day. On working days, I’ve been having a bowl of Sultana Bran (35g) which is my Healthy Extra B, topped with natural yoghurt and lots of fruit (strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blackberries etc). On Saturday I decided to treat myself to two boiled eggs, with one slice of wholemeal bread (healthy extra B) with 1 Laughing Cow Extra Light cheese triangle (healthy extra A) on top instead of butter. I had this with a massive bowl of fruit topped with natural yoghurt. It was AMAZING. Dad…I hope you’re proud. I boiled eggs all on my own! (first for everything!) Since taking breakfast every day, I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy and haven’t been snacking anywhere near as much throughout the day. I am officially a breakfast convert!


003Free on Extra Easy if using cheese as a healthy extra A

Yes this is a massive lunch, but I had it on a day where I knew I wasn’t going to get my dinner till later on so wanted to make sure I’d be full until then. This is stuffed peppers filled with vegetable couscous and topped with Dairylea light cheese, served with spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and sweetcorn.

What you’ll need for the stuffed peppers:

One pepper (any colour you fancy)

Plain Couscous

Vegetable stock





Garlic, crushed.

Dairylea Light Cheese Slice

 Cut the pepper in half and de-seed. Spray with Fry Light and put in the oven, at around gas mark 5 or 6, for 10-15 minutes. Pour the dry couscous in a bowl and cover with vegetable stock (until it is about 2cm above the level of the couscous) and cover with cling film. Then chop the mushrooms, onions, leeks and courgettes very finely and fry in fry light and garlic until soft. Remove cling film from couscous and fluff couscous up with a fork before mixing in the cooked vegetables. Take the peppers from the oven and spoon in the vegetable couscous. Top with one Dairylea Light cheese slice per half pepper and put under the grill to melt the cheese. Serve with salad/vegetables of your choice.

I used the Dairylea Light cheese slices as my Healthy extra A choice. If you didn’t use the as a healthy extra they would have to be synned.


018This is completely free on Extra Easy

This is the easiest dinner I’ve ever made. It is a Cajun chicken and rice oven bake, served with broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, rocket and watercress salad and a corn on the cob.

What you’ll need for the Cajun chicken (serves 4):

400g of  chicken breasts, diced

One green pepper, chopped

One small onion chopped

200g of baby plum tomatoes, halved.

175g Easy cook long grain brown rice

350ml water

Cajun seasoning (i use Schwartz)

One “shake and season” oven bake bag

Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5. Add the diced chicken, all the vegetables and rice to the bag. Add the water and then add the Cajun seasoning. Tie the bag at the top and shake the bag gently to ensure all the chicken, vegetables and rice are coated in the Cajun spices. Put in an ovenproof dish, on its side, ensuring there is plenty of room for it to expand. Put in the oven for 35-40 minutes (again ensuring there is enough room for the bag to expand inside the oven). Take care when opening the bag and check the meat is properly cooked through. Serve with salad or your choice of vegetables.


The Southside Girl x


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