Pushing mummy’s buttons – the Aiden way.

The past 2 days with my 5 year old have been absolute hell. You may think that is an exaggeration, particularly if you know Aiden. But my god, my nerves are fried, my voice is hoarse and my head feels like someone’s went at me with a brick. Welcome, to one of the many joys of parenthood.

Usually, Aiden especially, is the most tactile, sensitive, easy to please wee guy in the world. He can be kept amused with books, or crayons or his mountains of toys. But oh no, not these past few days. I’m actually surprised my neighbours haven’t been at the door due to the amount of screeching/screaming/crying (the latter, obviously, was me) coming from the house. He has been answering back, been doing the exact things you tell him not to do, been unbelievably cheeky, hitting his brother, screaming at everyone/anyone, throwing toys and we even had an attempted bite – something that he will never attempt again after the screeching that I did, I know that for certain.

I know why he’s doing it – I honestly think he’s bored. He’s at that stage where he’s too old for nursery now; it just doesn’t stimulate and challenge him in the way it used to. He is also one of the eldest there (being a March birthday) and the fact he has been arguing every single morning about going in the first place, where he used to be first out of bed and dressed before any of us, is a massive tell-tale sign. His days are filled with play and football and going to parks and out on his bike. But i’m thinking we need something else and something new to fill his time. Thinking caps on…any suggestions?

The countdown is now well and truly on until he starts school in August. He has his first school visit next Tuesday, and he’s already more than excited about it and has his countdown on.

Just as i was writing this, Aiden came downstairs and gave me a huge cuddle, and told me he was sorry. He said he’d tidied his room (which he surprisingly had!) and he wouldn’t be bad again. I asked him what had been wrong. His reply?

Sometimes I just feel like I need a wee holiday to chill out. And eat coconuts. Because that’s what you do at the beach…”

Don’t we all Aiden. Don’t we all.


The Southside Girl x


One thought on “Pushing mummy’s buttons – the Aiden way.

  1. Can’t argue with anything that you have said about Aiden and his mood swings. Been there, got the tee shirt, and more, just remember he is only 5 going on 25, just wait till he’s 25 then you can start being really worried.

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