Swimming Saturday!

Today, Aiden and Logan had their first swimming lesson with Making Waves Swimming, at a local pool in the south side of Glasgow.

Aiden has had lessons before – I say lessons, but they were 5 free half hour taster sessions offered by his nursery. Nothing against them, they were great for what they were. But he learned nothing more than being able to hold a float properly.

For Logan, this was a brand new experience. He has only ever been to the swimming a couple of times, both of which was when he was a baby. Considering I had a water-birth with Logan, he was probably destined to be a wee water baby, but sadly due to mine and his dad’s lack of organisation/planning he never had a chance to prove this. Serious mummy guilt over here!

For me, well, I spent all of last night a nervous wreck and barely slept a wink. I knew Aiden was going to be alright, because he already had some confidence in the water. Logan, on the other hand, has absolutely no sense of fear and just looks so tiny in his wee swimming trunks with his wee chubby baby face. Ok, yes, i severely mollycoddle him. Aiden had to cope with me being this completely over bearing so it’s only fair to pass it on to Logan aswell. Obviously.


Making Waves Swimming are the largest provider of private swimming lessons in Central Scotland. They have an incredible track record, having taught over 10,000 children to swim in ten years and start lessons from age 3. They teach in  Cleveden Secondary, Hillpark Secondary, Abercorn Primary and St Bride’s Primary in Glasgow as well as Hamilton College, Sciennes Primary in  Edinburgh, Linlithgow Academy and Nuffield in East Kilbride. Their teaching methods were one of the main things that appealed to me;

Innovative Teaching Methods

We have clear and consistent levels of ability and train our teachers in our own unique method of teaching. Unlike many lesson providers, our teachers are in the water in the initial stages of learning to swim; as we firmly believe that the progress is much more rapid and far more enjoyable, working in the water with your child. We have an excellent teacher/pupil ratio and we involve you, the parent in the learning process, believing in the learning triangle that exists strongly between, us, the teachers, you, the parent and your child. We provide a written assessment towards the end of each course which details the skills completed and those requiring further development before your child is ready to progress to the next level.

I have been looking into lessons for the boys for a while and, by far, Making Waves came out on top both through online recommendations and by word of mouth from friends who have kids currently learning to swim with them.

So, we arrived for our lesson this morning (running slightly late, again thanks to an extremely unorganised mummy here) and were greeted by Tom, who owns Making Waves.


The first thing i noticed was the small group size of children, which straight away put me at ease. The idea of my boys being lost among a group of 20 kids terrified me! There were 4 kids, including my boys, in their group, and two other older children who were being taught at a separate part of the pool. The boys were in, goggles on, and within seconds I was completely forgotten about as they were completely engrossed in their lesson.

Their instructor, Ali, seemed to instantly have a fantastic rapport with both of the boys and with the other children in the group. Aiden had absolutely no problem doing as he was told, and using his “noodle” (those long floating snake things – I know I have fantastic descriptive references ;)) whilst kicking his legs from one side of the pool to the other. At this point it is still with the help of Ali, but I can see him coming on really quickly. Logan was the big surprise of the day. He was a bit shaky when he first went into the pool, but by the end of the lesson he was jumping into the pool (again with the help of the instructor) and was even happy to be soaked in the face – this from the boy who refuses to go in a shower (as it’s too wet) is a massive step!

Now, I know this is only their first lesson, but I have no doubt that they are going to come on amazingly over the next few weeks.

This is the first lesson in a seven week block. Every Saturday I’ll be updating you on their progress and how they’re getting on with Making Waves Swimming. They both already can’t wait for next week’s lesson.

Aiden’s already decided he wants to be a swimmer in the Olympics…Logan’s decided he’s quite happy to swim in the bath. It’s all about the small steps!


For more information on Making Waves Swimming, visit their website here or head over and LIKE their Facebook page here

The Southside Girl x


3 thoughts on “Swimming Saturday!

  1. Hardest thing in the world to get kids interested in exercise these days. More power to your elbow. I remember starting to learn to swim when I was really young, Caught the bug then and absolutely love the fact that as an older person can compete with the best of the youngsters, if a bit slower.

  2. I love swimming and so does TC but we haven’t been this year yet, so must get finger out and cossies on! Nearly signed up again for lessons but they insisted on double swim nappies which you had to buy from them of course and we are potty trained so know it wouldn’t go down well with mine!

    • Really?? I’ve never heard of that! We were asked if my youngest was fully potty trained and when I said yes, there were no questions asked. My boys absolutely loved it though – I’m already a nervous wreck about the next lesson – typical mummy worrier! lol

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