Swimming Saturday – Week 2


Today was the second week of the boys’ swimming lessons with Making Waves Swimming. Aiden has already spent the last week attempting to practice his swimming in the bath. He has managed to master holding his breath under water, with no nose being held or anything, for a ridiculous amount of time! He was under for so long, I typically mummy-worried and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck out of the bath – to which he screeched at me asking what I thought I was doing! Whoops. Clearly, he just has amazing lung capacity…or something.

Anyway, as we drove up to the school where the lessons are held, Logan decided he didn’t really fancy it. Bloody typical Logan! Much bribery, arguing and screaming ensued and after all that he decided he “supposed” he would quite like to go swimming again. Again…bloody typical Logan!

Whilst both boys were standing at the side of the pool Logan started to get really upset and said he was too scared of going in the water because he couldn’t do it. Tom(who owns Making Waves) came up and told us it would just be best to just lift Logan and put him straight in the water. I know that might sound harsh (it does read that way) but it definitely didn’t come across that way. He said just to keep giving Logan thumbs up and smiling at him, just to reinforce to him that everything was ok. As soon as Logan was lifted into the water, and after Tom and Ali the instructor gave him some water toys to keep him occupied, he was absolutely fine.

Tom explained to us that this does happen sometimes with the kids, as they have the whole week to build themselves up and get themselves worried. If we hadn’t put Logan into the water, I doubt we would have ever managed to get him back in a swimming pool. So massive thanks to Tom for that today!

Onto the swimming itself – Aiden was an absolute wee star today! In terms of his confidence, well, in just a week it has shot through the roof! A few weeks ago, he refused to get his face wet in the shower…today, I watched as my gorgeous boy ducked under the water (no holding noses!) and attempted to kick himself along. Thought I was going to explode with pride/turn into a big soppy emotional wreck! You could tell just by looking at Aiden that he was thrilled and super proud of himself! Honestly, was a huge moment for him and for us!

Even Logan had his chin right in the water, and managed to get his legs up to kick himself along today! Obviously he was still using the floating noodle but the fact he was doing anything was fantastic!

The pace that Making Waves work at is brilliant! They take each child’s individual needs, confidence and ability and seem to work fantastically with all of the children within the small groups.

This week, I am completely over the moon. I can’t wait for next week now, and the boys (even Logan!) are saying how excited they are about next weeks lesson!

I’m going to bed dreaming of Olympic gold medals for swimming for the boys tonight….. okay, slightly pushy parent-esque, but hey, you never know!


For information on Making Waves Swimming lessons, visit their website here

You can also head over and LIKE their Facebook page here

The Southside Girl x


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