Swimming Saturday – Week 3


Another week for the boys at their swimming lessons, and another week as a proud and seriously amazed mummy! Their progress with Making Waves Swimming has been unbelievable in the few weeks they have been there!

Wee bit of background this week. Yesterday, I spent a beautiful rare sunny day in the A&E with Logan. Bloody typical Logan. He hurt his foot a few weeks ago at a local soft play (that I’m very tempted to blog about as I’ve had so many run ins there it’s unbelievable!) and then fell again on Thursday. I noticed yesterday morning he still wasn’t able to put any weight on it so just wanted to get it double checked. Three hours, two x-rays and a million bribery cookies later – we head home with a limping Logan and a hairline fracture in his foot. Lovely. No plaster right enough! And all just in time for the holiday weekend! I’ll say it again – bloody typical Logan!

Anyway, I was a wee bit wary taking him today, but after asking at the hospital they said he should be fine and the water might even ease the pressure on is wee foot. I let Tom know as soon as we were in, and he took both the boys over to the pool. No tears, no tantrums, no questions (from the boys, not Tom). Perfect!

I can’t believe Aiden’s progress. Every week his confidence is growing and he absolutely loves it! He spent most of his lesson today under water trying to move across the pool but was having a few wee problems kicking his legs out. I’m sure by next week he’ll have it mastered though – he was definitely determined when we were leaving that was going to be able to swim the whole length of the pool soon. And that we have to build him a pool in the garden. Hmmm.

Logan did brilliantly considering his dodgy foot! Again, holding onto the float, but was managing to get his legs up, although I noticed he struggled a wee bit to kick the injured foot but that is completely understandable.

As the boys have been going to their swimming lessons for a few weeks now, I feel confident in saying that I cannot recommend Making Waves Swimming enough. The involved, confident teaching style, the fantastic instructors and the passion of the owners is apparent. It’s all about the kids and that is all that you look for.

If you’re looking for swimming lessons in the central Scotland area, get in touch with Making Waves Swimming. You can find all of their contact details on their website here.

The Southside Girl x


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