Fat Fighting Friday – Week 5

imagesI think everyone reaches that point, just after the first month of a diet, where their interest slightly wanes. This happened to me this week. Majorly.

Between nursery visits, school visits, the bank holiday and meetings, I’ve either had no time to cook, or simply no energy. I’ve not eaten much in the way of fruit or vegetables.  This is the first week where my fridge has remained full. And I HATE throwing away unused food because it’s “off.” I’m annoyed with myself for not being organised enough and for losing my mojo a wee bit. Especially as I’m so close to that stone!

I lost half a pound this week. I didn’t gain – which is an absolute bloody miracle. So 11lbs off now in 5 weeks. I think it is more down to exercise this week that I have lost any weight at all. I’ve been managing to go the gym a least 4 times a week and have miraculously rediscovered my waist! Yay! I really am enjoying exercising, and the gym I go to (Curves Shawlands) is full of amazing inspirational people and the trainers are fantastic!

One of these women, is Tracy Henderson, who is a member of  Curves Shawlands. Tracy has lost 15stone in a year through healthy eating and exercise. She is an amazing, determined inspirational woman. To read her full story, visit the Daily Record’s website here.

Tracy Henderson Courtesy of dailyrecord.co.uk

Tracy Henderson
Copyright dailyrecord.co.uk

In other news this week, I’ve went and bought myself a weighted Hula Hoop.

Yup. You read that right.

My neighbours must now be even more determined that I am indeed, mental, after seeing me attempt it in my garden whilst screaming in agony. Those things hurt!! Doesn’t tell you that on the box!! I now have hips that are 20 shades of bruised but (and this must make me some kind of weirdo) I actually really enjoyed it!


Think I might just stick to hula hooping inside. In the dark. With the curtains shut. Just to save anyone having to actually witness it.

It aint a pretty picture.

To get your very own bruised hips with your own Hula Hoop visit the Argos website here . (I haven’t made it out to be very good, but I’ll report back once I have figured out some way of padding the old hips *clearly the  jelly belly isn’t padding enough*)

Here’s to a better week!! If the Hula Hoop doesn’t rip the next 3lbs off my body then the 100% sticking to plan better do it!

The Southside Girl x


2 thoughts on “Fat Fighting Friday – Week 5

  1. I’ve been where you are. As a dieter (well I was, I’m not at the moment – I probably should though!), you do seem to hit a brick-wall, which knocks your enthusiasm and will-power, but I think it’s normal. You will continue to see a loss I’m sure, even if it’s only half a pound.
    Don’t get too down about it.
    I’m not sure about the weighted hula hoop though. Its does sound like more punishment than enjoyment. So I’ll wait for your next post on this. But good for you for trying something different.
    Chin up. xx

    • Thanks lovely 🙂 As long as the weight is coming off, I’m happy. Sloq and steady wins the reace after all 😉

      As for the hula hoop…OUCH! It’s great fun….but my hips are covered in big purple bruises! I’m going to need to look out the full body padding i think! 🙂 xxx

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