Swimming Saturday – Week 4


My dad decided to tag along to the boys’ swimming lesson today. He’s a great swimmer himself and has always loved swimming. My brother and I are severe let downs in the swimming department (I can swim although there is no stroke/skill involved, more a “throw myself in and hope for the best” ethos… Michael can barely float) so I think he’s secretly hoping for at least a doggy paddle from his grandsons.

I was actually really looking forward to him seeing their progress, particularly Aiden. So the boys were in the pool and Aiden took his turn. Again, he was under the water and attempting to swim towards the instructor on his own. I turned to ask my dad what he thought, and the poor guy was an emotional wreck (sorry to broadcast this dad, but you were) Obviously, this then made me well up like a bit of an idiot. What a picture. It is just a case of absolute pride in how quickly they have progressed. I can’t reinforce it enough that 4 weeks ago, I couldn’t get Aiden in a shower as it was “too wet”. Watching him in the water now is like watching a completely different child. Amazing.

Logan, on the other hand, was being his usual overly stubborn self. He’s been a bit of a tantrum queen this week. He’s taken a severe dislike to the goggles he has to wear to the lessons and every two minutes was moaning and trying to get them off. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they’re steaming up, or if they’re too tight or if he’s just being his usual pernickety self but he was just not up for it today at all.

Step in Tom, who again was fantastic with Logan and dealt with the situation. If i had been with Logan on my own, I probably would have given up and let him out of the pool. But if I had done that the likelihood of him wanting to come back would have been zero. Tom clearly knows what he’s doing and I have no problems at all putting complete trust in him and what he says when it comes to the boys and their swimming.

The amazing thing was, that Logan did get back in the pool. And was even starting to kick his legs and move himself across the pool. He is the most stubborn child I’ve ever met, so that is a huge deal! He is still using his float which I am happy with –  the instructors are taking his confidence and ability levels into account.

We are hoping this week we will be able to take the boys to the swimming ourselves as Paul is off work. He works so much and misses out on getting to see them and they are more than excited at the prospect of getting to show off! I’m hoping to be able to get some video/photos of them doing that as long as the pool is quiet enough.

Making Waves Swimming have just released the timetables for their crash courses over the summer holidays. I’ve heard from my friends that these are fantastic and you can really notice a massive improvement in just a short space of time. I’m definitely getting the boys booked up! You can find the timetable of the crash courses on their website, here.

The Southside Girl x


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