Room for Improvement – A MoneySupermarket Challenge!

I was amazed last week, when I received an email from Moneysupermarket asking me if I would like to take part in their latest campaign, the Room for Improvement Challenge.

Home improvements don’t have to cost the earth; for a very affordable sum, you can make changes that totally transform the look and feel of a room!

To prove this, we’re  launching our ‘Room for Improvement’ competition, in which we will be asking site owners to get creative and show us how they can improve a room in their home for just £50. Whether it’s a lick of paint on a wall, creating a centre piece or recovering an old chair, we want to hear all about it!

Well, never one to shy away from a challenge, I accepted straight away and was sent £50 to go about improving a room of our choice. We were torn between doing the bathroom (as my husband’s failed attempt at laying a floor is driving me insane!) or doing the downstairs hall (as it hasn’t been in touched in 5 years, since we first moved in!) We finally decided on the hall, as we were more likely to stick to budget, and set off in search of some inspiration.

Now £50, to us anyway, isn’t necessarily a low budget. When we first moved into our own house, we were barely out of our teens and had very little money between us. We still managed to make our house livable and made it our own. I’m not ashamed to admit I love a browse in B&M stores, Home Bargains and the odd charity shop. There are plenty of deals to be had if you know where to look.

So we managed to get some wallpaper from B&M (warning : we like bold prints. Not to everyone’s taste but we love it) as well as some other bits and pieces and a unit from IKEA. Luckily for me, my father-in-law is a painter and decorator so he set about transforming my hall for me (thanks Pat!) Obviously I still got to do all the fun, pretty stuff at the end. Yay!

So here are our before, during and after pictures… please don’t judge the before pictures! I never realised how atrocious the hall was until I looked at these!



018 019





The BIG Reveal…..

After 1



I am completely over the moon with the results! It feels so much cosier and homely! And all this was just over the £50 budget!! Honestly!

We managed to find the wallpaper in the “bargain bin” part of B&M. There were a few marks on the rolls but you can’t notice them when the wallpaper is up. We managed to get 4 rolls for £15.96!


We also managed to get two of these “Magic Rugs” from B&M. They were on deal at 2 for £5 and are machine washable which is great! Another bargain to be had!


The unit, we got from IKEA and cost £20. We already had the lamp in the bedroom upstairs, and the box inserts I was using in my wardrobe but they fit perfectly!


I picked up this wee frame in B&M stores aswell. They always have a massive selection of frames in there for really good prices! This one was a snip at £2.99!


We already have these lampshades in our living room so decided to pick up another one for the hall. This is another B&M number and costs £3.99.


It’s really difficult to see in this picture but I managed to pick up a fantastic mirror that looks amazing up! It’s massive, and since it had a wee chip in the corner I managed to get it for £4.99 down from £7.99, again in B&M stores!


Overall Cost Breakdown

Wallpaper x4 rolls = £15.96

Rug x2 = £5

Mirror = £4.99

Frame = £2.99

Unit = £20

Lampshade = £3.99

TOTAL PRICE = £52.93

I love it! It just shows that you can make major differences without spending a fortune!

How about you try your own “Room for Improvement” challenge?

The Southside Girl x

*disclaimerI was sent £50 by to take part in their Room for Improvement challenge. Money spent over the £50 budget was my own. I have also been entered into a competition run by to win £500 vouchers for B&Q for doing this post.


16 thoughts on “Room for Improvement – A MoneySupermarket Challenge!

  1. wow what a cool wallpaper certainly transformed it and b&m is my new fav store after reading your post i went there again to get a runner for our Room for Improvement Challenge :o)

  2. There is no other word, but WOW! Don’t fancy coming to sort my hallway out do you?
    It really inspiring what you’ve done. Makes me wonder what I would be able to do.
    And I have to say the Husband would be over the moon if I could redecorate a room for £50!
    I’ll certainly be heading over to my local B&M store now.
    Well done you! Brilliant post, as always.

  3. Eek that wallpaper has to be THE bargain, its so nice. I have been looking for a ‘family’ photo frame like that one, they are very popular just now, I need to go and see if we have a B&M store here lol.

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