Swimming Saturday – Week 6


It was our second from last swimming lesson yesterday morning. Cant believe that’s the boys nearly at the end of the first block.

We got Aiden and Logan’s Block 1 assessment yesterday. It’s fantastic to get something on paper because as much as I harp on about how they’re improving – I don’t really have a clue. So to get written feedback from the instructors is great.


Once the boys have completed each step (below) they can then move up to the next level. Currently, Logan has completed the first step and Aiden has completed the first two. In Aiden’s assessment, it’s also noted that he is able to swim a short distance, which is fantastic!


With both of the boys, the main thing we need to work on is their confidence. With Aiden, during yesterday’s lesson, he realised that when he was swimming under water, he was able to stand up on his own without waiting for his teacher Ali to get him up. His wee face was a picture. So proud of himself and was telling us on the way home that means he can do anything by himself now (within reason obviously) There are so many transferable skills gained from doing the swimming lessons at this age. They learn discipline, confidence, waiting to take their turn etc. It’s led to a massive improvement in their overall behaviour. Well, sometimes. Boys will be boys!

The next course of swimming lessons begins on Wednesday 14th August. There is a 9 week course covering classes on a Wednesday – Sunday (£81) and an 8 week course covering Monday and Tuesday classes (£72). They are also now taking bookings for crash courses during the Summer and details can be found on the Making Waves Website.

Also, head over and give their Facebook page a like here and you can keep up to date with whats happening.

The Southside Girl x


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