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Fat Fighting Friday…. (i think we’re on week 11 but have no idea!)

As you can probably tell, I’ve been off track with the whole slimming world thing for the past few weeks. After our anniversary celebrations lasted for roughly 5 days and involved a whole lot of food and wine, I then had my cousin’s wedding which also consisted of a whole lot of food and wine! I missed weigh in that week as I had a hangover from said wedding and just couldn’t face seeing the gain on the scales. I should have went and faced it. But I’m a wimp.

Last week I went back and had a 1.5lbs loss which I was amazed at as had struggled to be good as I had missed class.

This week….. well, I’ve only gone and bloody managed this….



Yup, I managed to lose 3lbs this week taking my total weight loss to 21lbs in 11 weeks. This also means I have got my Club 10 award which is when you lose 10% of your original body weight.

Over the moon is an understatement! I feel determined this week and back in the right kind of frame of mind to stick to plan.

I also had my monthly weigh and measure at Curves Gym and have lost another 5 inches off of my body taking my total to 17.75inches in 2 months. Ridiculous but amazing!

A big change I’ve made in this past week is to cut out all forms of fizzy juice. I used to be addicted to full fat Coke but since starting Slimming World i switched to Diet Coke. Last week I managed to freak myself out reading all the horror stories and reports about Aspartame (google it) so switched to sparkling water with lime cordial (and cut out Muller Lights as they have it in aswell!) and am honestly feeling a million times better for it. I’m not sure it’s had an effect on my weight loss but I definitely feel less bloated and sluggish. Always worth giving it a go!

I’ve been taking pictures each month of my progress and was going to post some on here…but not feeling confident enough yet so maybe when I get a bit closer to target I’ll do that. Maybe. If someone pays me…. 😉

What I’ve Been Munching this week…

I was planning on doing a “What I’ve Eaten this week…” video for Youtube. Unfortunately, my computer is mince and doesn’t let me edit videos so until I figure it out I just thought I’d stick up a few pictures of the kind of things I’ve been eating this week.



Half a toasted bagel (Healthy extra B) topped with one extra light laughing cow cheese triangle (Healthy extra A), bacon with no visible fat, baby plum tomatoes and a quarter of a melon.


35g of original porridge oats (Healthy Extra B) made with 250ml of semi-skimmed milk (Healthy Extra A) and topped with chopped strawberries and a banana.


My sad version of a fry up as I don’t eat sausages, don’t particularly like beans and don’t eat the whites of eggs (hence why my fried eggs are tiny..only yolk there!) Grilled bacon, baby plum tomatoes, mushrooms fried in fry light and two eggs fried in fry light. Also, a cup of pineapple and grapefruit green tea.


A bowl of chopped strawberries, cherries, pineapple, melon and banana, topped with natural yoghurt and one crushed Summer Fruits Alpen Light Bar (Healthy Extra B) with a cup of cranberry green tea.



Picnic lunch so I made a salad with spinach, runner beans, peppers, baby new potatoes, tomatoes and two slices of salt cured peppered beef (free on EE). I had one tablespoon of Kraft Light Thousand Island Dressing which was 1 syn. I also made a fruit salad with apple, cherries, strawberries and pineapple.


Up at my mum and dad’s and my wee mammy made a roasted vegetable tart with potato salad and salad. The puff pastry was 9.5syns (whoooooops) and the mayonnaise in the potato salad was 2 syns. Was yummy though!



Smoked haddock and pea risotto with green beans and peas. My first ever attempt at a risotto and must say I was impressed with myself!


The infamous Slimming World “Big Mac in a bowl” recipe. It’s extra lean mince fried in fry light with onion and garlic, then mixed through with iceberg lettuce, gherkins, 2 low low cheese slices and 2 tablespoons of Kraft Light Thousand Island dressing, and then topped with the last cheese slice (Healthy Extra A for the 3 slices) I’d heard great things about this. But it was rotten. I ate about a quarter of it and he rest went in the bin. Boak.


Homemade Aubergine Bake with potato salad and a crispy salad. I made the Aubergine bake with sliced aubergine, healthy extra A allowance of mozzarella cheese (60g) and a homemade tomato and basil sauce. Was the best meal of the week. Will definitely be having it again!

The aim for next week is to get another 1lb and go from there! Hope all your diets and healthy eating plans are going well! Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments!

The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Week 8

Well, I’m going to be completely honest here (as usual). This last week has consisted of this:




And a wee bit of this….




Now, I’ve had a bloody amazing time. Paul is off work on holiday so we’ve been indulging in a wee bit of eating out and then I had my cousin’s fiancée’s hen night on Saturday. Which, as you can probably tell, was fab! I did go with the best of intentions…but as soon as the cocktails were brought out I was a goner! I don’t get out with the girls much but when I do – I more than make up for it!

So Saturday included cocktails, champagne and vodka, as well as an Indian buffet. Whoops. Sunday, therefore, was a complete and utter write off as I had the official hangover from hell. And again, I ended up picking all day at anything that didn’t make me want to throw up. Lovely, I know.

I just couldn’t get my healthy mojo back but decided to attempt the gym and even managed to swim 50 lengths at the swimming on Tuesday. All in the name of damage control.

Realistically, after last week’s fab weight loss, I had thought I would probably maintain this week if I’d stuck to plan. So i went to weigh in expecting a 3-4lb gain. So, I was MORE than pleasantly surprised to find I had maintained last weeks weight. No idea how right enough! Unless it comes back and bites me on the arse next week!

Again, this next week is a busy one. Saturday is mine and the hubby’s first wedding anniversary so we’re planning a wee night away and then it’s my cousin’s wedding on Wednesday. Weigh in is Thursday. Plan – stay away from the wine! And the cocktails! Would love to lose 1.5lbs next week to get into that next stone bracket so Slimming World head back on!

As a side note, I did receive a new wee gadget in the post this morning! The new Fitbug Air which I have been sent to review. Looking forward to getting out and getting more active and seeing how it goes. Will be doing a review on here within the next few weeks so keep an eye out on that!


The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Weeks 6 and 7

Sorry about the radio silence last week folks! Got to admit, after weigh in last Thursday, where I lost yet another half a pound, I was a bit disheartened and decided to take a wee break and refocus.

On Friday, I had my usual trip to Curves Shawlands for my workout and my first months weigh and measure. I was absolutely dreading it – mainly because I was in such a downer after only having lost the half a pound the day before. Well…. I cried after getting my measurements. Over the moon doesn’t even cover it:

Bust – Lost 1.75 inches 

Waist – Lost 1.5 inches

Abdomen – Lost 2.5 inches

Hips – Lost 1.5 inches

Thighs (x2) – Lost 5.00 inches

Arms (x2) – Lost 0.5 inches

Total loss of inches in 4 weeks – 12.75INCHES!!

I have also lost 9.5lbs in the 4 weeks since joining Curves, my body fat percentage has dropped by over 2% and my BMI has dropped 2 points aswell. All i can say is definitely take your measurements! I was so close to giving the diet up but after finding out my measurements it gave me the kick up the arse that I (desperately)needed.

So, after this I went home with a new determination. I knew I only needed 2.5lbs to get my 1stone shiney, and i needed to get it this week for my own sanity! So i wrote out a meal plan, stuck to it all week (even taking my wee Tupperware dishes full of SW food when I was out with my friends and to a BBQ – don’t worry, they laughed and made fun of me too) and began writing a food diary again this week. I also tried to up my water intake as I’ve found Diet Coke (which Im slightly addicted to) has started playing havoc with my body and is really affecting me migraine-wise. I had no Diet Coke for 4 days this week and felt a million times better for it… (Although I did celebrate my weight loss today…with a diet coke. What.a.twat.)

Anyways, onto weigh in today. Well I am now the proud new owner of these….


I stepped on those scales…praying for the 2.5lbs. And I nearly cried when I realised I’d lost a whopping 5lbs!!


Plus, I got Slimmer of the Week which I never expected to get!! Over the moon!! That takes my overall weight loss to 1stone 2.5lbs in 7 weeks. I have 4.5lbs to my next shiney (1and a half stone) but am being realistic that next week I will probably either have a small loss or a maintain to even things out a bit. But, I’ll set a wee target of 1.5lbs off, because that’ll take me into the next stone bracket. YAY!

What I’ve Been Munching:

We had a taster at class last week and I stressed out the whole week before it trying to decide what to make. I’m not the best cook…my own children and husband rarely, (okay, never) eat my concoctions so I was terrified of letting other people try it – and risk food poisoning! So i decided I’d keep it simple and make up an easy cous cous salad. Well, it went down amazingly! People really seemed to love it, and it’s so quick, easy and filling so I thought I’d share the recipe on here (Sorry, no pics, it got munched too quickly 😉 )

What you need:

Cous Cous (amount depending on how hungry you are 😉 )

500ml of vegetable stock

1 onion (chopped)

1 clove of garlic (peeled and chopped)

1 pepper chopped (or you can use frozen peppers)

1/2 can of chickpeas (drained)

Fry Light

Handful of cherry tomatoes (halved)

1 lemon (or lemon juice)

What you do:

Make up your vegetable stock using boiling water and a vegetable stock cube.

Empty the desired amount of couscous into a bowl and pour over the stock until it is about an inch above the couscous. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave.

Meanwhile, fry your garlic and onion in fry light for 2 minutes before adding your peppers and frying for another 5 minutes until soft. Add half a can of drained chickpeas and cook until soft (about another 5-7minutes)

Remove cling film from bowl of couscous and fluff up with a fork. If the couscous seems too dry, simply add more stock and leave again. Once it is ready, add the cooked vegetables and stir through.

Then add the halved cherry tomatoes and the juice of 1 lemon and mix through.

Can be eaten hot or cold.

So the plan this week is to just stick to plan! I have a hen night on Saturday but am planning on being on my best behaviour (ha.ha. I know) The hubby also stops work for two weeks holidays tomorrow so am dreading him being about as he is very persuasive when it comes to the old “let’s just have a takeaway…” chat.

On that same note, I have never ever weighed less than P. When we first started going out (okay, we were 16) he had a 28inch waist and was ridiculously skinny. Just saying Mr M… you better watch your back 😉


Onwards and downwards… I’m a happy camper today.

I'm this happy :)

I’m this happy 🙂

Hope all your weight loss journeys are going well! Would love to hear how any of you are getting on! And if you are having a bad week – don’t give up. Try and stay to group, write a food diary again and stick to it. You’ll be back on track before you know it.

The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Week 5

imagesI think everyone reaches that point, just after the first month of a diet, where their interest slightly wanes. This happened to me this week. Majorly.

Between nursery visits, school visits, the bank holiday and meetings, I’ve either had no time to cook, or simply no energy. I’ve not eaten much in the way of fruit or vegetables.  This is the first week where my fridge has remained full. And I HATE throwing away unused food because it’s “off.” I’m annoyed with myself for not being organised enough and for losing my mojo a wee bit. Especially as I’m so close to that stone!

I lost half a pound this week. I didn’t gain – which is an absolute bloody miracle. So 11lbs off now in 5 weeks. I think it is more down to exercise this week that I have lost any weight at all. I’ve been managing to go the gym a least 4 times a week and have miraculously rediscovered my waist! Yay! I really am enjoying exercising, and the gym I go to (Curves Shawlands) is full of amazing inspirational people and the trainers are fantastic!

One of these women, is Tracy Henderson, who is a member of  Curves Shawlands. Tracy has lost 15stone in a year through healthy eating and exercise. She is an amazing, determined inspirational woman. To read her full story, visit the Daily Record’s website here.

Tracy Henderson Courtesy of

Tracy Henderson

In other news this week, I’ve went and bought myself a weighted Hula Hoop.

Yup. You read that right.

My neighbours must now be even more determined that I am indeed, mental, after seeing me attempt it in my garden whilst screaming in agony. Those things hurt!! Doesn’t tell you that on the box!! I now have hips that are 20 shades of bruised but (and this must make me some kind of weirdo) I actually really enjoyed it!


Think I might just stick to hula hooping inside. In the dark. With the curtains shut. Just to save anyone having to actually witness it.

It aint a pretty picture.

To get your very own bruised hips with your own Hula Hoop visit the Argos website here . (I haven’t made it out to be very good, but I’ll report back once I have figured out some way of padding the old hips *clearly the  jelly belly isn’t padding enough*)

Here’s to a better week!! If the Hula Hoop doesn’t rip the next 3lbs off my body then the 100% sticking to plan better do it!

The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Week 4

So, one month into the diet and I’m still plodding along – this has got to be some kind of record for me! I’ve been trying to go to the gym 4 times a week, and am starting to notice the inches dropping off – extremely good sign! Although, it might be a bad sign for the old bank balance if I need to buy some new clothes! Got my first official measure at the gym in a couple of weeks so majorly excited about that!

Well, at today’s weigh in i lost another 2lbs! Totally over the moon! I’ve not been as hard on myself this week, and have been enjoying my syns and have finally realised I don’t have to deprive myself of anything – and it clearly worked! That’s 10.5lbs off in 4 weeks without feeling like I’m on a diet! What I’m beginning to realise is that the Slimming World plan is more a lifestyle change than a diet – and it suits me perfectly!

Already, I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my asthma…I’ve always been a “carry your steroid inhaler around in your hand for your 300 puffs a day” type of person. I’ve not had to use any of my inhalers for over a week now – seriously, that’s a record. I’m also a weird one who suffers from all the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, without actual having polycystic ovaries – yeah, if you work that one out please share! Anyway, I’ve already noticed a massive improvement in all of these symptoms aswell. Before you know it I might even become a walking, talking picture of health!

So, it’s 3.5lbs to my stone award – a bit too optimistic to go for it next week? Possibly. Still going to give it my best shot though!

What have I been munching this week?


I discovered these wee beauties in Asda last week. They are delicious! After putting all the nutritional information through the Slimming World syns calculator, these came out at 0.5 syns per fillet. Well worth the tiny syn value! Also, cod is a super speed food so great for boosting weight loss! They also have garlic and herb cod fillets which are on the shopping list for this week so I’ll let you know how they are aswell! I had mine with roasted potatoes and a huge pile of white cabbage (tip: I use Fry Light Buttery and put a couple of sprays on my cabbage. Obviously not as good as real butter but still lovely!). Was yummy! Find the fish in the ASDA frozen section, on offer at £2 just now.


Also this week, the new Slimming World magazine is out! It’s a fab edition with amazing recipes, and a fantastic feature on how to survive the weekend whilst sticking to plan! I’ll be reading that tomorrow night (instead of enjoying my wee wine Friday!) Get it from class now for £1.95, or it should be in most shops next week, priced at £2.75.


P.s if someone would like to buy me the dress the girl’s wearing on the front cover – feel free 😉

The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Week 3


Oh yes, after yesterday’s weigh in I am now the proud owner of my half stone award sticker! Over the moon is an understatement!

I lost 2.5lbs at my third weigh in taking my total loss to 8.5lbs in 3 weeks. It might not be coming off at super speed, but it is coming off and I don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all with the amount of food I’m able to eat!

I’ve realised that staying to class for Image therapy is a massive thing for me. During the week I find myself thinking back to a recipe someone mentioned, or an overall amount of weight another person has lost and I feel that it really does spur me on. My class is really lovely and supportive aswell, which clearly helps alot! Plus, it’s always nice to be in amongst a group of people who know exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through when it comes to weight and food issues.

This week, I decided it was time to introduce the infamous Scan Bran to my diet. To most people on the Slimming World plan, Scan Bran can be a lifesaver. It is a dense fibre – kind of like Ryvita but alot more….cardboardy. Of course, being a weirdo, I actually quite enjoyed it! I’ve seen recipes where you can make cakes out of Scan Bran so i might attempt some of them this week (Curly wurly cake…oh yes!)

I’ve also managed to the gym every day this week which is a complete turnaround for me! I’ve spent the past 5 years declaring myself allergic to exercise but I seem to have caught the bug now! The Curves gym I go to is absolutely amazing! I’ve actually been looking forward to going and have managed to talk my mum into signing up aswell! It’s a 30 minute circuit, and at the moment my gym is also doing a bootcamp alongside the circuit. It’s easy to fit into your day which suits me perfectly! I would definitely recommend Curves to people who are wanting to get back in to exercising but are too intimidated by the thought of a busy gym packed with body builders, size 8’s and people who never seem to sweat (how do they do that?!)


I’ve had such a busy week this week that I’ve been going for food that is quick and easy to prepare and cook. My old George Foreman has been a lifesaver this week!


This is cajun spiced chicken, grilled on the George Foreman after being sprinkled with Schwartz cajun spice. I grilled 3 bacon medallions and cut any excess fat off and served these on a bed of baby spinach, celery, cherry tomatoes, baby red peppers and red onions. I then squeezed over some lemon juice. Quick and delicious! And absolutely no syns.


Again, cajun spiced chicken breast. Clearly a favourite of mine but it really is so easy and quick. This time I served it with my own version of pico de gallo, a baked potato with my HEA cheese and a spinach, celery and red pepper salad. I also used 1 syn for 2 tablespoons of Nando’s medium peri peri sauce (0.5 syns per tablespoon). For my pico de gallo, I chop cherry tomatoes, one red onion and a few jalapenos and marinade it in loads of lemon juice for as long as I can, but even 10 minutes will work fine.


After reading all the fuss over this syn free pulled pork, I had to trek to Tesco to try it! I couldn’t understand how something smothered in BBQ sauce could be free, but after checking and double checking using the Slimming World calculator it does seem to be true! You can get this in the frozen section of Tesco for £3.50. We had this for dinner on Sunday and my husband was a massive fan! Me, not so much. I found it to be way too fatty and only had a tiny bit of meat because of this. You could remove all the fat and be left with a  decent sized portion, but it instantly put me off.  Worth trying though!

Does anyone have suggestions for lunches and dinners Slimming World style?

The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Week 2

Ok, so I’m going to be completely honest from the outset here. This week I have had a few (alot) of breaks from the plan.


On Saturday, the hubby decided a takeaway was in order, and I’d had such a crappy day that I didn’t need to be asked twice (clear comfort eater. I know.) but I did manage to make some good choices…sort of. Instead of a full plate of chicken tikka, mountains of rice, paratha, poppadoms and curry sauce, I had half a plate of salad, a couple of spoonfuls of plain rice and two pieces of chicken tikka. So it could have been alot worse.

Sunday… well, this was our day at the races. As part of our package, we were given vouchers for burgers and wine. Uuuurgh. I just can’t say no to free food or alcohol. One massive burger (topped with fried onions, cheese and tomato sauce obviously) and two glasses of rose wine later – I was well on my way to regaining the 4.5lbs I’d lost last week. Raging.

Tuesday… Well, me and the best friend headed to The Big Reunion tour at the SECC. It was amazing. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgic cheesy music! Realized I still have my Irish jig a la B*witched down to a tee. Clearly there are no end to my talents 😉 On the downside, the two bottles of Magners Berry Cider were not my best idea….considering they are 14syns each. Whoops. Again.

Wednesday came, and some serious damage control had to be administered. I had no carbs and drank about 4 litres of water. I also bit the bullet and joined the gym. Yes that’s right you read it here. I actually walked into a gym and did exercise. Real sweaty exercise. I joined CURVES at Shawlands. It’s a womans only gym and is based around a 30 minute circuit. They also do classes like Zumba, Metafit and Powerhoop and having been there twice, all the girls seem really nice and can’t do enough for you. It feels like having a personal trainer….which is exactly what I need! The old thighs are burning as I write this but it’ll all be worth it (so i keep telling myself!)


So, yesterday was weigh in day. I went, fully expecting to have gained all the weight I lost last week. I was even considering not going, but I decided facing up to my bad BAD choices this week was the only way to deal with it. So i went along and….

1.5lbs off!

Clearly, the weight loss fairy is on my side this week…but I’m sure she is going to bite me on the arse next week! That is a 6lb loss in 2 weeks and I am completely over the moon.


This week I have nothing planned so am hoping to stick to plan 100%. Only 1lb to go to reach that half a stone and I’m determined to get it off next week! Fingers crossed!

Recipe Idea!

017Chicken Tikka Skewers, with peppers and onions, served with potato and pea curry and a tomato and onion salad, with rocket and spinach.

Free on Extra Easy.

What you’ll need for the Chicken Tikka Skewers:

Chicken breasts, diced

One green pepper, diced

One onion, diced

Bamboo skewers (soaked in water first)

For the marinade:

Natural yoghurt

Tikka Seasoning

Chilli Powder

Lemon Juice

Mix the natural yoghurt, lemon juice, tikka seasoning(to your own taste) and chilli powder (also to your own taste) in a bowl. Add the diced chicken breast and leave to marinade in the fridge for as long as you can, at least for an hour but overnight is preferable.

Once marinated, skewer the pieces of chicken, with the peppers and onions onto the bamboo skewers. Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 and cook the skewers for 20 minutes, turning occasionally.

What you’ll need for the potato and pea curry:

One tin new potatoes

One tin garden peas

One tip chopped tomatoes


Chopped onion

Curry powder

Chilli powder

Vegetable stock

Brown the onions and garlic in a pot with some Fry Light. Add the chopped tomatoes, curry powder (to taste) chilli powder (to taste) and the tin of potatoes and peas (drained first) Add a sufficient amount of vegetable stock to ensure there will be enough sauce, cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Et voila.

Hopefully I will be back next week to fill you in on getting my first shiney sticker award! Until then it should be back to blogging business as usual.

If any of you are following diets or healthy eating plans…how are you getting on? Would love to hear from you!

The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – Week 1 meal ideas and recipes

Over the past week I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at pictures of what other people are eating. I think I might have an obsession….or I’m just a nosey cow (probably the latter.)

Anyway, here are some meal ideas and recipes of things I’ve had this week…


019Free on Extra Easy if using bread and cheese as healthy extras

I’ve never been a big breakfast person. I don’t particularly like cooked breakfasts and have always struggled to fit breakfast in as every morning in my house is a chaotic shambles just to get out the door. The big difference I’ve made this week is to have breakfast every day. On working days, I’ve been having a bowl of Sultana Bran (35g) which is my Healthy Extra B, topped with natural yoghurt and lots of fruit (strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blackberries etc). On Saturday I decided to treat myself to two boiled eggs, with one slice of wholemeal bread (healthy extra B) with 1 Laughing Cow Extra Light cheese triangle (healthy extra A) on top instead of butter. I had this with a massive bowl of fruit topped with natural yoghurt. It was AMAZING. Dad…I hope you’re proud. I boiled eggs all on my own! (first for everything!) Since taking breakfast every day, I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy and haven’t been snacking anywhere near as much throughout the day. I am officially a breakfast convert!


003Free on Extra Easy if using cheese as a healthy extra A

Yes this is a massive lunch, but I had it on a day where I knew I wasn’t going to get my dinner till later on so wanted to make sure I’d be full until then. This is stuffed peppers filled with vegetable couscous and topped with Dairylea light cheese, served with spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and sweetcorn.

What you’ll need for the stuffed peppers:

One pepper (any colour you fancy)

Plain Couscous

Vegetable stock





Garlic, crushed.

Dairylea Light Cheese Slice

 Cut the pepper in half and de-seed. Spray with Fry Light and put in the oven, at around gas mark 5 or 6, for 10-15 minutes. Pour the dry couscous in a bowl and cover with vegetable stock (until it is about 2cm above the level of the couscous) and cover with cling film. Then chop the mushrooms, onions, leeks and courgettes very finely and fry in fry light and garlic until soft. Remove cling film from couscous and fluff couscous up with a fork before mixing in the cooked vegetables. Take the peppers from the oven and spoon in the vegetable couscous. Top with one Dairylea Light cheese slice per half pepper and put under the grill to melt the cheese. Serve with salad/vegetables of your choice.

I used the Dairylea Light cheese slices as my Healthy extra A choice. If you didn’t use the as a healthy extra they would have to be synned.


018This is completely free on Extra Easy

This is the easiest dinner I’ve ever made. It is a Cajun chicken and rice oven bake, served with broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, rocket and watercress salad and a corn on the cob.

What you’ll need for the Cajun chicken (serves 4):

400g of  chicken breasts, diced

One green pepper, chopped

One small onion chopped

200g of baby plum tomatoes, halved.

175g Easy cook long grain brown rice

350ml water

Cajun seasoning (i use Schwartz)

One “shake and season” oven bake bag

Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5. Add the diced chicken, all the vegetables and rice to the bag. Add the water and then add the Cajun seasoning. Tie the bag at the top and shake the bag gently to ensure all the chicken, vegetables and rice are coated in the Cajun spices. Put in an ovenproof dish, on its side, ensuring there is plenty of room for it to expand. Put in the oven for 35-40 minutes (again ensuring there is enough room for the bag to expand inside the oven). Take care when opening the bag and check the meat is properly cooked through. Serve with salad or your choice of vegetables.


The Southside Girl x

Fat Fighting Friday – first week weigh in!


Well, I have just completed my first week on the Slimming World plan. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as much as I have this past week. The difference is it is now all healthy, home cooked meals and as I’m still in my honeymoon period with the old diet, the thought of a takeaway doesn’t appeal to me at all. Yay!

I still don’t have a clue how this plan works. I’ve been eating full plates of pasta, potatoes, meats, vegetables, a ridiculous amount of fruit, yoghurts until they’re coming out my ears…. and this week I’ve managed to lose (drum roll please….)

4.5lbs…. yes, that’s right….



Yes, that is disgusting. But that is no longer stuck to my backside so i am one extremely happy camper!! Some people might not think it’s alot, but that 4.5lbs also means that I’m now down into the next stone bracket which is lovely to see on the scales. It’s still a monstrous amount…but it’s less monstrous than last week so it’s smiles all round and right back to it!

This weeks plan is to start exercising, keep drinking loads of water and try to knock out a few new meals from the Slimming World website and the aim is to just keep the scales going down in the right direction.

I’ll be putting a couple of meal ideas and recipes on later today. If a novice (and seriously bad) cook like me can get a handle on this…i recommend it to anyone!

Like I said to my friend, I just can’t be arsed being fat anymore. So, it’s onwards and downwards from here….



The Southside Girl x