First Slimming World weigh in of 2014….


A new year and a new work situation have meant I’ve not been able to go to my usual Slimming World group since (*cough*) the 28th of November. Ridiculous, I know!

I finally took the leap yesterday morning and joined a new group – so welcome to Weigh In Tuesdays! (I know today is Wednesday/Thursday, but close enough, right?) Fat Fighting Friday will still be around as well as I want to continue putting up meal ideas, recipes and other motivational/weight loss posts.

So, armed with my dusty book I went along to class. I already knew the consultant as she is a member at the old class I used to go to so was looking forward to seeing her and getting back on plan again! On that note, it’s probably confession time.

I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas AND New Year. I ate a lot of stuffing. A lot of chocolate. And drank ALOT of wine. ALOT. So I had geared myself up to see at least a 7lb gain on the scales. But I didn’t.

I only went and bloody managed a maintain!!

I’ve maintained the same weight since 14th November last year. It’s a Slimming World miracle! But it’s filled me with confidence knowing that I can maintain my weight, whilst still enjoying myself. I’m obviously automatically sticking to plan without realising which again, isn’t a bad thing!

I’m now 1.5lbs away from my 3 stone award, and 2stone 1.5lbs away from my original target. I really want to get to target this year! We have our first family holiday abroad in April and I want to be able to feel comfortable and not worry that I’m resembling a beached whale (Paul, if you’re reading this, don’t try and be funny and yell that at me on holiday either.)

I definitely feel motivated for the first time in ages! I’m looking forward to getting back to cooking, and sorting out my meal plans and getting stuck in! The aim this coming week is to get that 1.5lbs off to get my 3 stone award. So, no wine. No extra bread. No millionaires shortcake (which I got addicted to over Christmas) and no takeaways. Straight forward, back to basics Slimming World. This week anyway.

As an extra “kick up the backside” I found this old picture of me from 2011 which, I am mortified to say, wasn’t even me at my heaviest! But I’ve come so far already and I definitely don’t want to go back there!

2011 vs. 2013

2011 vs. 2013

So here’s to a good week for everyone! And to all my new readers, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers, Hiya and thank you! Welcome to the madness 🙂

The Southside Girl x


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